FANTAGIRL I AM THE WOMAN I AM it’s a project devised by Fantabody founded by Carolina Amoretti in collaboration with Vogue Italia.

The photographic project was shot in collaboration with Giustina Guerrieri, a young artist working for the label who had always an interest in voicing real stories whilst exploring the boundaries of femininity.

An ode to the female body, regardless of its shape and skin colour.  A research that promotes embracing diversity as a starting point for addressing topics such as disability, immigration and sex work, which are approached with an inclusive, curious and prejudice-free attitude. Portrayed in her seductive uniqueness, every photographed subject has the opportunity to tell her story and reveal her nature with pride. An all-female collaboration where the protagonists are photographed by the brand’s selected female photographers and interviewed in the form of an intimate exchange of anecdotes and experiences.  The project is published monthly on

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My name is Esta James. I am 19 years old and I come from Kiteto village near Arusha, Tanzania. It’s a medium size village. My parents passed away a few years ago. When my parents died, I stopped attending school, because my grandmother believed it was better for me to stay at home to take care of my younger siblings. and to work with our cattle. A maasai village is called a Boma. On the Boma the men do all the heavy labor like farming, raising animals, going to the cities to shop etc. The woman build the houses, raise the children (like me with my brothers), and make jewelry in their spare time. For Maasai, scars are a sign of strength and beauty. That you can sit trough the pain and not cry out. The ones on my legs I did myself. They are more scarred/ raised because I held the fire longer on my legs. You get more respect for not being afraid and then as well you are considered more beautiful. There are also small round scars on my arms that I created with red hot coca-cola bottle caps. Also the remotion of the two front theet is a sign of beauty in our culture. I had never seen the sea before taking these pictures, but at the end when I was laying in the water, I really really liked that! I was also the first time I got to just sit and wear a swimming suit made for the water. I’m very interested to learn to swim now. That must feel really good. I love having my independence. I like to rely on myself and not be told what to do, but also it would be nice for someone else to help take care of me while still allowing me independence.I really always want to live within my community and with my family, but it would be good to still have more freedoms. One nice thing about being in Zanzibar is that she has the opportunity to work; to make money that she can send back home and to buy some small things to invest in other businesses.  I hope I can always work and be completely free and independent.


“My name is Paula Rey Jiménez, I am a professional photographer from Spain living in New York City. I am a photojournalist, and at the moment I work in the marketing department at The New York Film Academy. I like to take pictures, I like to dance, I love music, and I love food, all sorts of food. I enjoy spending time with my family, with my husband and my dog. When I was a child I had a car accident with my family. I was two years old, I don’t remember anything, only from stories that my parents have told me. After a long time in a coma and many many surgeries I woke up like a brand new little girl, I was ok, I just looked a bit different. I don’t think I could understand the feelings that I had at the time. My emotions about this experience have been changing during my entire life. I am a photojournalist, I take pictures, all I want to do is capture the moment, because I know that we will forget one day, but I will have all these pictures to remember. Being a woman is a big sentence, I don’t think I feel different than if I was a boy, I like to be sexy and fun, but I think that’s just as a human being. Once you accept yourself and you accept you as a woman is then that you feel very feminine.”


“Hi, I’m Veronica Yoko and I’m an athlete. The sport that made me compete in many world competitions and that brings me a lot of medals is absolutely my greatest passion, and above all it was my greatest support to win the biggest challenge, the one with myself! I was 15 when, on a day like so many, I was struck by fulminant meningitis. Six months in the hospital, without seeing anyone but my parents, where I slowly saw my body transformation. The most strange moment was when I left the hospital to return to real life … I thought, how will my friends look at me? But it was much easier than I thought: for my friends, for all the loved people, the most important thing was to see me again after a long time, not how much my body had changed! For a while at the beginning I thought :- Why did it happen to me?- But the words of my father were fundamental to make me understand- Sometimes fate tests the strongest people, because they are those able to overcome them!-

Thanks to the sport, the unconditional love of my parents, my friends and my willpower, I overcame all the insecurities, throwing myself headlong into this life full of beautiful things and now, a few years have passed, I feel totally comfy with myself and my body!

I have a very intense life, sport leads me to travel all over the world, I train constantly to get better results. I live in Bologna alone, where I study and go around with my beloved military green Defender car! I have a boyfriend that I love, and I’ll tell you, even in the past I’ve never had any problems with the guys, I’ve always shown myself for who I am from the first moment! I like to go out with friends, make up, and I don’t care if I can not put high heels, I like myself the same!”


“Hi, I’m Khareign and I am 20 years old. I’m a singer, song-producer and writer who goes by the name ‘Kah’, that is the word for ‘soul’ in ancient Egyptian. Overall, I have grown up happy with my body and I try my best to take care of it. Growing up around boys make me scared to embrace my femininity. I was always trying to find ways to separate myself from anything that was ‘feminine’ and even created a male alter ego for myself who I named ‘Warren’. But I have learned that feminine energy is simultaneously fierce and delicate. Femininity is not just the color ‘pink’! Femininity to me is strong, nurturing and alluring.”

“Hi, I’m Jamina. The relationship with my body is a complicated, ever evolving love story of acknowledgement, acceptance and gratitude. Having been given this body in this time of history, wherein a woman’s ideas are constantly challenged in terms of beauty standards. I have a scar in my eye which used to bug me a lot, as sometimes, especially in photo’s I look like I am a cross eyed but I have learned to embrace my scars. What really is femininity? It’s different for everyone, but to me it feels like an essence from within. I feel feminine when I put on my favorite sun dress, I feel feminine when I play football, I feel feminine when I am emotional, I feel feminine when I have my period, I feel feminine when I make love!”

“Hi, I’m Lani. I’ve had quite a rocky relationship with my body, I was an elite gymnast from the ages of 8, so through out my teenage years, the most difficult ones, I was very muscular which I hated. In hindsight muscular female bodies are such powerful things but as a teenager constantly being reminder of ‘the perfect body’ in the media it was hard for me. I think from 19 onwards is when I began to fully fall in love with myself, I’ve got to the point now where, yes I might have bad days with myself confidence but they don’t last long at all. My current relationship with my body is really good at the moment. Femininity for me is just a kind of there. I can’t pin point the times when I feel feminine I just kind of happens!”

Cristina Troisi

“So not every female human being is necessarily a woman; she must take part in this mysterious and endangered reality known as femininity. Is femininity secreted by the ovaries? Is it enshrined in a Platonic heaven? Is a frilly petticoat enough to bring it down to earth? Although some women zealously strive to embody it, the model has never been patented. It is typically described in vague and shimmering terms borrowed from a clairvoyant’s vocabulary…” This is what Simone de Beauvoir wrote in her famous “Second Sex” when she tried to explain her concept of femininity and I find myself very much in accord with this idea. I’m Diletta, I’m 25, and I think femininity and female sex are two different concepts, and not always related. I do not believe that the birth of a woman automatically acquires femininity. Feminine are all those characteristics, attitudes, behaviors that characterize you. In my case, for example, I consider irony a fundamental characteristic of my femininity. And with this same irony I learned to laugh of my defects and to live with them.”

Greta Tosoni

“Hi, I’m Valeria and I don’t like my ass. I think it isn’t pretty, or better, I think my ass is a little bit disproportionate to my boobs, even if I find my boobs too big some days. Big boobs could be a bore sometimes! Especially when I run and it happens often to me because I’m always late. Sometimes I think I should be more organized, but I love doing so many things and I LOVE MY SELF also for this!”

“Hi, I’m Adele and I’m 21. I’ve always thought I have quite-wide hips, but all in all it’s ok. I’ve learned to accept my body. In contrast, my biggest problem is that I often lose myself! There are many days that is like I start a mind-trip, as when you listen to music and you are so inside the sound that you lost the contact with reality. My friends say I’m always day-dreaming, but it’s the reason they love me. And the reason why I LOVE MYSELF.”

“Hello, I’m Zoe. Since I was a kid, my legs are my biggest complex. I used to detest them so much that I even thought about doing something to change them and make them straighter, but when I realized that they should have been literally cut up for that, I changed my mind! But then one morning, I just woke up and realized that I could have never been a model. And now, I LOVE MYSELF especially for this!”

“Hi, I’m Maya. I always knew that my body was not conform to the “standard” that current times impose to society. When I was younger it was more difficult because I didn’t feel comfy with my curves, and every one knows how hard is life in teenage. But there was a moment, I still remember well, that I saw my image in the mirror and I thought – Ok, who’s decide what is right or what is wrong?- . I could be thinner but this doesn’t change my personality and who I am. I learned to embrace myself besides my size and I’ve always been very confident when relating with people. I feel beautiful. People always said that I have a lovely and strong attitude. Actually I have my insecurities, but my positive and enthusiastic side is stronger than that. And for this I LOVE MYSELF so much!”

“Ehi, I’m Michela and I’m 20. Since I was a teenager my biggest complex were my little boobs! GOD if they are small! The worst thing is that all the guys always cuddled the girls with the bigger breasts, and I felt excluded and uncomfortable with my body, which seemed like a surfboard! For a while I also thought that when I was growing I would have done aesthetic surgery, but at moment my boobs have remained the same and the only conviction that I have is that guys who just look at boobs or curves of a girl are a fucking idiots and I’m not interested in anything to do with them! And these are the goals of life that makes me LOVE MY SELF.”

“Hi, I’m Adria and I’m 21. Even if many people may think that being a redhead and having lots of freckles is beautiful, for me it has not always been so. When I was a teen I tried to hide my freckles with strange creams and my crazy curly hair were really difficult to handle. But day by day, I understood they actually are my distinctive signs and there is nothing cooler than being recognizable at first sight for something! Now I know that if I ask someone to portrait me, they will immediately sketch my red mass of hair and my freckles and everyone will think: ok, she’s Adria!- That’s cool and lovely! And I LOVE MYSELF for this!”

Carolina Amoretti

“Hi, I’m Josephine.Ever since I was younger, I always knew that I had very “strong” facial features, I could say masculine, and maybe that’s why my personality has somehow adapted to my image, becoming very dominant, even in interpersonal relationships . Nevertheless, as I grew up I learned to pull out my female part. It has always been, I just had to find the right key to get her out, in a very personal way. And I LOVE MYSELF for this!”

“I’m Silvana, I’m 65 years old. Since I was young my biggest complex was the nose, but I always decided not to do anything, because I think it was a distinctive trait of my face. Sincerely, I believe that the most important changes in a woman’s life are not related to a specific physical connotation, but to fundamental events of their own existence. For example, becoming a mother has changed me deeply, it’s as though I was born again with my son. In life I have crossed so many stages, reinventing myself continually. At this age of full maturity I rediscovered my creative vein, devoting myself to craftsmanship. I think this is the great force of myself as woman: to be many things together, and yet always coherent with myself. And I LOVE MYSELF for this!”

“Hi, I’m Joelle. Like all the girls I had a lot of insecurities, I was always looking for an image that conformed to my ideal, often changing hair color or style for example. Yet I was never satisfied! With the passing of time, thanks to my mother’s precious advice, I realized that I was doing everything wrong because true beauty is in being natural. We have to respect what nature has given us because it has perfect codes. Now when I look at my reflection in the mirror, I see myself with my strengths and my defects, and I like it because I recognize myself in it. Valorize and improve yourself always, but change yourself never! And I LOVE MYSELF for this!”