Inspired by sportswear but with a very sophisticated erotic touch, Fantabody is a capsule collection of bodysuit thought and designed for all the girls who wanna express themselves and their body with freedom and personality. The aerobic world mixed with lingerie, technical fabrics with seductive prints, swimwear with underwear, Fantabody products are the perfect combo of style and quality, 100% Made in Italy. Fantabody began in 2015 drawing from foundress Carolina Amoretti, fashion photographer based in Milan.

The foundation, has take life in a fully girls environment, indeed "Fantabody shapes" have real names from real girls who inspire and represent the "Fantagirls" in the city. Real girls from everyday life, but also international celebrities. DuaLipa, Solange Knowles, M.I.A, Elisa Toffoli, Francesca Michielin, are just some of the names of famous "Fantagirls", who have appreciated and chosen Fantabody for their performances, seduced by the style, the colors and the fresh sensuality of the brand.