DUSK AW 21/22

Fantabody’s Fall winter 21/22 collection is inspired by the colors and the emotions of the dusk. The light of the day transforms itself into shades and gives life to the darkness but the light always comes back at sunrise to bright up our lives.
We want to focus on the shades and glints of the dusk’s colours to spread a message of hope for all the women who want to look at their future with readiness and grit.

We are inspired by all kinds of people around the world making a statement during the alchemy of the night.

A drive through the dusk, a journey to the shades of the night, the blissful occasion to feel your body.

Lead us around to your next night out.

Let us be with you to make you shine in the night.
Are you ready for the new shades?

Feel inspired by the colors and emotions of a new beginning.